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5 Keys to the Best PCOS Diet

I don’t like the word diet – but it’s short for a way of eating.  Diet brings to mind fads, restrictions, and missing out.  But it doesn’t have to! The PCOS diet empowers you to take back control of your health, and not rely on doctors who are quite frankly decades behind the research which shows that what and how you eat definitely matters. Food is truly your best medicine!

PCOS is a condition associated with metabolic syndrome, and as such what you put in your mouth has a big impact.  Food can be inflammatory, and food can wreak havoc on your hormones unless you learn what to avoid and what to include. Read on for the Keys to a PCOS diet to help reverse this curable disease.  The basics are nutrient-dense whole foods, healthy fats, and plenty of protein for stabilizing blood sugar!

Healthy meals are key for PCOS


Sugar Cravings

As a metabolic disorder, a PCOS diagnosis means you likely have a blood sugar metabolism dysregulation.  This can affect everything from your weight to your mood to thinking and of course cravings.  Upping your protein and replacing refined sugars and refined carbs with whole grains, fresh fruits, and real veggies feeds your mind and body with natural fuel that it knows what to do with!

To reset your blood sugar regulation, you can schedule an appointment where we do an easy painless test and correction to make the big change of cutting out sugars a lot easier.


Gluten’s Gotta Go

Cutting out gluten is super important if you have PCOS, because it is definitely an inflammatory type of protein, and it’s mostly found in foods containing wheat, which are mostly either refined or at least full of pesticides and herbicides like the notorious glyphosate.  When you avoid gluten, you’re avoiding all kinds of processed and sweet foods that contribute to PCOS symptoms.


Veggies for the Victory

When you add dark green leafies to your meals, you’re giving your body what it needs to heal and help with hormone balancing and reducing inflammation . For breakfast, try softly scrambled eggs with avocado slices and steamed or sauteed chard or spinach. It’s quick and tastes great. Add sea salt or himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Very nourishing and a great way to get in a good serving or two of your greens for the day. Other quick options for getting your veggies in through out the day can include salad, a veggie soup, and steamed or sauteed greens.


Finesse your Fats

Read labels on packaged foods and you’ll see safflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, even cottonseed oil.   Guess what? All of these fats are heavily processed, which makes them foreign and unnatural to our immune system and intestinal mucosa.  HIstorically, humans ate foods high in Omega-3’s, and now our processed diets have a too-high amount of Omega-6 fatty acids. This creates inflammation in the body.  Grass-fed, pasture raised animals also will have a healthier natural types of fatty acids whereas industrial, conventionally raised livestock and poultry will have less healthy omega-3 and more of the inflammatory Omega-6’s.


Prioritize Protein

Eating sufficient amounts of protein, throughout the day, stabilizes blood sugar, whereas carbohydrates destabilize.  When grains are limited and healthy natural proteins are emphasized we can help regulate blood sugar so we don’t get spikes and dips which is stressful for the body.


Support For PCOS

Acupuncture, Lifestyle changes, and Nutritional and Diet changes create an effective treatment plan for reversing or addressing the symptoms of PCOS including infertility.  So don’t lose hope! Seek out a holistic provider to help guide you to better health! Contact Amy at Energy Flow to schedule your free complimentary discovery call 630-335-1069.

Treating the Whole Person, a Basic Concept in Chinese Medicine

Because Chinese Medicine developed approximately 2,000 or so years ago, it is a completely different yet complete system of medicine.  Imagine what life was like then.  People were completely dependent on the land around them, and very in touch with the stars, the sun, the moon, and the Earth.  Everything was studied and principles of nature were deduced, and then applied to their lives for their benefit.  When to plant what crop where, where to build a house, when to harvest which crop, and what plants can heal what malady.

To understand Chinese Medicine, one should consider the concept of the human as a microcosm of the macrocosm.  All the laws that govern the natural world apply to us too. 

I won’t go into detail because it takes a full course of study to grasp – I could refer you to some books if you want to learn more about chinese medical theories.  But I do want you to understand that by approaching the human organism in this way, you are viewed as a Whole person.  No part is separate, and everything is interconnected.  What happens to your left foot can affect your right hand, what you think can affect your digestion.  Your experiences are stored as memories in your subconscious which can interact with and disrupt or enhance your physiology.

In other words, mind-body-spirit are one.  This is sometimes called Wholism.  It is not woo woo or foo foo.  This is the original medicine. 

Earth Sun Moon as macrocosm

You’ve experienced the failures of conventional medicine or you wouldn’t be reading this. You’ve been frustrated by the one size fits all approaches, and the negative side effects overshadowing the thing you took the pill for in the first place.  Or you know there’s got to be a different way.

Luckily for us Americans, a bunch of brilliant scholars and physicians of this medicine translated the important teachings passed down through the centuries and learned this medicine the traditional way – from teacher to student, master to future master. 

In this way, there’s a bridge from the old knowledge of how everything in nature (which includes us!) works and how to use our natural resources and our innate healing abilities to live more purposeful, fruitful, abundant lives. 

Tap in to this wisdom – learn about and trust your own power. You are whole and complete.    

Birthing Black in the US – Shining a Light on Inequity in Maternal Care

Improving Birth Outcomes for Women of Color in Chicagoland


Because my passion is supporting teens and women throughout their life cycles, including through pregnancy, I want to bring attention to the startling facts that African American and Indigenous women face when they become  pregnant:  

They are 2-3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women, and that  goes up to 4-5 times for women over 30, according to the CDC in a press release last September.  

And guess where the US ranked in 2015 for maternal mortality in the world?  Not in the top 20 or even the top 30 of  best outcomes.  We ranked 45th meaning 44 countries have better birth outcomes per 100,000 births than the USA.  

It is a risk for a black woman to be pregnant and give birth in the US, just as it’s a risk for a black man to be out after dark in the south, or out in public anywhere for that matter.   Recent events are rightly bringing back our national attention to the racial disparities that persist into 2020.  But we can affect change! 

There are local grassroots organizations dedicated to supporting black women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but it’s a big undertaking. They need our support. 


Chicago Birth Workers of Color

Chicago Birthworkers Collective

Black Mamas Matter.  

Click on the links for info on donating if you feel compelled.   

The more we focus on this issue, the more light will shine on it, and the faster we can change maternal outcomes for the better! 




Investing in Vitality – My Health Journey

I’m about to get real. vulnerable. with you…

10 years ago I was rather a wreck.  I had a toddler-preschooler and a baby and zero energy.  And rage.  I did my best.  We all do right? We’re all always doing our best, but when your best is yelling at your kids and constipation and bloating and inability to gain weight and fatigue so bad that sometimes you can’t get through the day vertically – then it’s time to take a look at what is going on.


At first I tackled the low energy.  I invested in a personal trainer because the idea of exercising enough to cause a bit of huff and puff on my own was like thinking of climbing a mountain.  So that’s where I started.  Twice a week, I met with a young encouraging woman who slowly but surely got me moving again.


Then, I continually worked on digestion.  Having come from being told I had an incurable disease that would require a variety of medications to control for the rest of my life, as a teen, to having just manageable constipation and some bloating – it was all in perspective and not as daunting.  I’d been cured of Crohn’s for over 10 years, but still very sensitive to food which is good because the things that set me off the worse were foods no one needs.  Cakes, cookies, pizza, etc.  I had been used to a gluten-free dairy-free diet so it was no longer an inconvenience, just a way of life.


It wasn’t until my youngest was about 5 that I realized the rage and anger and fatigue I’d experienced after my second son was actually a form of post-partum depression.  It had never dawned on me because I was not the prototypical depressed mom.  I was sad when I realized this.  I had been struggling on my own.  I didn’t know – I was the one who helped others with their hormonal health and yet I was not attuned enough to myself to seek help.  Thankfully, I had started working on decreasing my reactivity and improving my self care overall, so every year after my son was born things improved.  I became more of the mother I wanted to be.


It’s the dilemma of the cobbler’s kids have no shoes – the healer isn’t looking after herself as much as she looks after her patients and family.  At my low point, about 5 years ago, I was a scrawny 82 lbs.  I ate a lot but could not gain an ounce.  I was diagnosed with primary hypothyroidism for which the medication (levothyroxine) did not work for me.   Meanwhile, my marriage was at its unhealthiest, and I knew something had to change.  I was ready.


About the same time I decided to get divorced, I had also been receiving herbal therapy and acupuncture treatments, and I did homeopathy to address Lyme Disease (yup that too).   Suddenly it seemed, my health blossomed.  I was able to gain weight, and my energy improved even more.  And I am so happy to say that I’ve been at my healthiest the past 3 years.  I have continued to work out regularly, I have gained muscle and a bit of padding, and my energy is better than ever.  I started a daily meditation practice, and I continued with Chinese herbs.  This past year I got the news that my thyroid numbers were normal- no more hypothyroidism! My digestion was better than ever! – until again, it wasn’t, and I realized the missing piece – I wasn’t doing acupuncture regularly.  I had been getting treatments from colleagues but they moved away, and so fell off that wagon because it is just not as wonderful to treat myself as it was to be treated.  So now I’m committed to treating myself regularly because it does still work, and seeing my patients improve with their digestive symptoms really is the best motivation to give myself the same benefits!


I hope that hearing my very personal story of my own health journey has been helpful for you.  We all have our Stuff!  I’m all about the real stuff.  In the treatment room, I want to hear about your struggles, and I want to do whatever I can to help you be your strongest.  It doesn’t matter how old you are – I am feeling vibrant and energetic and strong in my 40’s – stronger even than for much of my teens and 20’s and 30’s.


Let’s talk about your goals and dreams – I want to help you get there!  A free consultation is a phone call away 630-335-1069.


Healing You, Healing Me

Keeping it real – Healing You, Healing Me


Healing You, Healing Me



My personal story: Healing You, Healing Me


February has been an unusual month for me.  I’ve had to take off a couple weeks for family matters, that I’d be open to share if you ask but I’ll keep it open ended for this blog.  I had neve

My personal story: Healing You, Healing Me

r had a “family emergency” before thankfully, so it was not something I did casually or felt easy about.

I want to say here, that all my patients were incredible! They were all SO understanding and caring.  I absolutely love what I do and I feel I really received during this time.  You know?

This week I resumed my normal schedule, which felt good.  Right.  In giving we receive.  Love. Strength. Understanding. Healing.


Read more about what I do and my Services here.


So, I just want to say, that if you feel you are struggling physically or emotionally or mentally, to reach out, ask for help, and take comfort knowing that what goes around comes around, and your receiving today, will be someone else’s receiving tomorrow.


And the ability to be vulnerable is not a minus but a normal human experience.

So know that I’m here if you need me, not because I need you, but because it feeds my soul.


If you want to know more about the benefits of acupuncture, read here and share your thoughts with me in the social media or contact me directly.


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