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Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) has been practiced for over 35 years by chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, nurses, and doctors around the world.  It is based on the theories of East Asian (Chinese) Medicine including the organ systems, meridians, and Five Elements.  However, it is not an acupuncture technique and instead involves muscle response testing (MRT) to identify and access where in the body there are energetic blockages that are interfering with the body’s own healing abilities.  Once identified we use a simple breathing technique in office to help the body process out the stuck energy thus allowing the body’s natural patterns of energetic, blood, and nerve circulation to resume.


NET addresses the stress and emotional components of disease by bypassing our thinking conscious “mammalian” part of our brain, and using a method to communicate instead with the Limbic System or subconscious part of the brain where much of the disease process lies.


The First Aid Stress Tool is something anyone can do at home for themselves, whenever a stressful situation comes up, or when there’s pain, or any situation that needs relief immediately.  This is not NET, as NET takes place with practitioner and patient, however, this is similar and helps augment and supplement NET treatments, and can be shared with family and friends.


The Wellness Check Questionnaire is something I use with my patients to help assess where we need to focus our treatments, as well as to track improvements over the treatment course.  It can indicate some useful homeopathic medicinals as well.


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