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Acupuncture for Anxiety

(Acupuncture Naperville)


Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine View of Anxiety

In Chinese Medicine, and many other traditional systems of medicine, the mind and body are one.  Thoughts create physical states, and physical states affect the mind.  Here is a summary of the emotions as they correspond with the 5 elements, organs and meridians.

Wood – Liver & Gallbladder – Anger, Resentment, Indecision

Fire – Heart & Small Intestine – Joy, Vulnerability

Earth – Spleen & Stomach – Worry, Lack of self-confidence, self-esteem

Metal – Lung & Large Intestine – Grief, Stuckness, Sadness

Water – Kidney & Urinary Bladder – Fear, Paralyzed Will

When we have an imbalance in our meridians, or energy systems, in the body, the corresponding emotions are usually also imbalanced.  And vice versa, if we are harboring unresolved anger, or overthinking, or always fearful, then the related organs can be harmed.


How Acupuncture for Anxiety Provides Lasting Relief

Anxiety is basically a lack of harmony with body and mind, creating an uneasiness, and can be a combination of various emotions that are misaligned.  When severe, panic attacks come randomly or under stress.  Chinese Medicine and acupuncture helps anxiety by calming the nervous system, and by allowing blood, nerve, and energy transmission to flow impeded throughout the body.  The result is we head off these amplified reactions, release old stuck emotion, and bring a sense of balance and control.


Processing Our Emotions

There are many techniques in the natural health field that address the storage of old memories which disrupt our normal processing of emotions.  Normally, emotions come and go within 30-60 seconds.  However, when the emotional center of the brain contains old unresolved emotional patterns, we can get stuck in the emotions.  One such technique, called Neuro Emotional Technique, uses the acupuncture energy meridians and breathwork to access and release old stuck emotions, thus literally helping to free the mind!

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Acupuncture for anxiety is safe and effective.

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