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My shoulder and neck are greatly improved

I am so grateful to have found Amy for my acupuncture treatments. I have been seeing her for treatment for a variety of problems due to arthritis. In a very short time my shoulder and neck are greatly improved and she is helping my knees. She has also helped me with my sinus problem. Marge T.

Pinched Nerve, IBS

I am so happy I was referred to Amy Rieselman for treatment. I was being treated for a numb hand which resulted from a pinched nerve in my neck that has resolved with acupuncture. Other issues resolved throughout on going treatment were IBS symptoms. Amy helped me change my diet with a detox cleanse which helped decrease stress which was

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I started going to see Amy for acupuncture regarding tendinitis in the wrist. Orthopedic doctors wanted to do surgery so I wanted to do everything possible before that option. Since going to Amy I am 90% better on a regular basis and sometimes even feeling 100%. Not only has she helped with my tendinitis but she has helped me in a

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Low back pain, digestive issues

I first started seeing Amy two years ago for low back pain that had bothered me for 10 years and really interfering with my very active lifestyle.   I had heard acupuncture could help and had exhausted all other options medically.  in just a few sessions the back pain felt better than it had in years.  At the same time,

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