Herbal Medicine for Kids – keys to unlock their own healing power

Beyond Acupuncture

As Chinese Medicine is a system of 8 complimentary modalities, acupuncture is not always the one and only therapy I use for kids.  Another super effective and important solution is HERBS!  I don’t prescribe herbs for every kid I see, however, we will discuss whether this approach is the right approach for your child depending on his or her specific case.

Easy to Take granules – just scoop and mix with hot water!

Flavors Therapy

This brings up another objection from kids (and adults alike) – “If it tastes bad I won’t take it!”  – Ah, yes, the almighty tastebuds.  It’s amazing how much influence such tiny things have over so many of us, kids especially!  Of course nature intended this to prevent us from poisoning ourselves, but I assure you, our tastebuds nowadays have been well trained by the Standard American Diet which is markedly devoid of some of the main healing flavors such as Bitter or Sour or Acrid while being, honestly, overpoweringly sweet.  But it’s the use of 5 Flavors that is the secret to how this stuff works.

So what advice do I have to get the stuff into your kiddos?

  • Just get it down!  This could mean using a straw to get it down the hatch bypassing as much of the tongue as possible.
  • For very little kids, I’m ok with mixing it with applesauce or a spoonful of honey (sorry Mary Poppins, we’re going unrefined here ;).
  • Incentives? Bribery? Parents may need to resort to some sort of compensatory bargain to get kids to take their herbs.

Some kids are just motivated to feel better so when I explain that just 2 cups of a funny tasting tea a day will help them, they’re willing to go along.  Of course, it really helps if they see Mom or Dad taking their herbs! (Hint, hint.  More on that in another blog).


Why Do Parents Bring Their Kids In For Treatment? What can herbs help with?

Some conditions that may be best treated with acupuncture and/or herbs include:

  • Bedwetting
  • ADHD/ Behavioral or Emotional Disorders
  • Menstrual Issues with preteen and teen girls
  • Coughs and Colds
  • More serious conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Joint Pain/Juvenile RA, etc.

Overall, we can help your child’s natural immunity and healing mechanisms to work better by removing impediments, calming the nervous system, and creating internal balance.

Treating Kids – Overcoming Misconceptions About Acupuncture

Before parents decide to bring their kids in for treatment, they may encounter some obstacles.  Let’s talk about it so we can clear up some myths and misconceptions and get on to healing!

Objections and Gaining Trust

Your kids might say something like this:

“No way! I hate needles! They hurt!” – Most kids in the US are vaccinated from birth through adolescence, and so their main exposure to needles is the syringe used to give “shots”.  Let me reassure you right now – I do NOT use syringes! Here’s a couple fun facts that give perspective:

  • Did you know that anywhere from 20-40 acupuncture needles can fit inside a syringe?
  • The average human hair at about .10mm in diameter is just a touch thinner than my needles, which are .14-.20mm in diameter.

While that may be reassuring to you, some kids may not grasp the concept.  Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to gain their trust to try it.  Usually once they try it they like it.  My youngest patients like to tell me how many they want and where! As a mom I have a good rapport with kids to put them at ease on the treatment table.

Non-Needle Options

Still not convinced your cutie will fall for it? Well, they don’t have to get acupuncture w/needles.  I also have non-needle techniques such as acupressure and massage that are effective for young kids due to their very sensitive nervous systems. There are also other tools used to stimulate acupuncture points without penetrating the skin.

In the next blog in this series, I will explain how herbal medicine is so great for getting kids healthier.

Treating Kids with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Do kids get acupuncture and take herbs? You bet they do!  Here’s an intro to Chinese medicine for children.  It’s the first in a series of blogs on this topic.

*The beauty of choosing Chinese Medicine as a treatment modality for your kids is that they get better fast! The key is to bring them in at first signs of an issue – or even if they’re overall pretty healthy.  My methods find underlying patterns that have in the past or may in the future manifest in illness.

Here’s a list of common conditions I see kids for:

*frequent colds or flus or early stage of feeling like they’re coming down with something as well asactive colds or flus

*allergies, food sensitivities


*digestive complaints such as tummy aches, constipation, diarrhea, etc.


*failure to thrive

Usually a lot of kids’ common issues involve the digestive system – it’s weak and still developing in kids – especially the little ones!  Having kids in preschool, daycare, and public school makes it really hard to keep them on a healthy diet.  We live in a snack food culture and unfortunately many of the foods kids crave are energetically and nutritionally incompatible with their immature digestive systems.

While food therapy is important, acupuncture and herbs can really heal the imbalances and strengthen the weaknesses to make your kids more robust.

I welcome your questions and comments.  In my next blog, I will go over a couple of the common obstacles parents face when trying to choose whether this approach is right for their kids.




Acupuncture During Pregnancy

This is a really important topic not just to those expecting a new baby, but for most people since so many of us have friends or family who plan to have a child.

It’s apparent that we’ve created a culture here in the US of fear around pregnancy – and I and other acupuncturists and herbalists are here to say that pregnancy can be a really wonderful experience and that it’s truly the beginning of someone’s life. The time in utero is a really critical time and should be protected.

Over the past few years I’ve done some extra training in my field in Obstetrics and Gynecology to learn tools to treat problems that arise during pregnancy as well as problems that existed before pregnancy and continue.


Acupuncture and herbs are safe throughout the entire pregnancy!

Of course choose someone who has experience and training in working with pregnant women.  I can prepare someone for a healthy pregnancy and I can help ensure each stage of the pregnancy is supported.


Conditions I treat during pregnancy:

  1. Acupuncture works very well for pain in pregnancy.

    Pain is blockage.  Acupuncture is specifically designed to release blockages in the energy meridians of the body thus removing the block to flow that results in pain.  Trust me, you don’t want drains on your energy during pregnancy – you need all the energy you can get to grow the baby and prepare for caring for the baby.  Not to mention all your other responsibilities.

  2. Nausea and Vomiting

    While some queasiness or nausea is normal and even can be a good sign in the first trimester, feeling really sick beyond the first trimester, or continuing vomiting in the first trimester, is treatable with acupuncture and/or herbs.

  3. Keep the Bowels Moving!

    This is especially important during pregnancy and postpartum.  If you are not eliminating every day, this is a sign that your system needs rebalancing to adjust for baby’s presence.

  4. Indigestion, AKA acid reflux or heartburn

    When I was pregnant the first time, I thought it was normal to have heartburn and didn’t think of it as something that needed correcting other than to take baking soda water all the time! Again, this is not par for the course!  It can and should be eased.

  5. Urinary urgency, frequency, or stress incontinence

    Yes, there is a baby sitting on top of your bladder, however, the body is designed to compensate for this normally.  This can improve with treatment, making your life in those last months, especially, much more comfortable!

Homework Assignments for Expectant Parents

In addition to using acupuncture and herbs when a pregnant woman sees me in my clinic, I also send her home with acupressure instructions including points for the partner to press or rub during labor.

Pregnancy and childbirth are very special times in a woman’s life, and I’m grateful I can help make it more comfortable!

No Smoothies? What can I eat for breakfast instead?

The Breakfast Dilemma

Many of my patients have this exact concern after they start working with me and we focus on repairing the digestive system.  Digestion takes place at body temperature, yet Americans love to slurp and sip cold drinks and liquidy foods.  Why is too much liquid a concern? One reason is because many of us have inadequate stomach acid.  Consuming too much fluid dilutes the acid and encumbers digestion.


My goal is to make sure that my patients’ bodies don’t have to use up extra energy (Qi) just to get their foods warmed up to body temperature – we are all already Qi deficient!  Warm foods are easier to digest.  So then –


What Can I Eat?

For this we can turn to the nutrition branch of Chinese Medicine, and the traditional breakfast of China and other Asian cultures – Congee! “What is THAT?” I hear you say…  Congee is basically rice porridge.  It’s a small amount of rice cooked in water in a 1:6 or 1:8 ratio.  Anything can be added to it, making it very versatile and adaptable to anyone’s tastes.  It is made with white rice, which is a nourishing easily digested “herb” in Chinese Medicine.

Warm Food for a Warm Belly

I want to leave you with a patient story – I had a patient recently who reported having a protein shake every morning for breakfast – when I listened to her abdomen upon percussing I could hear that smoothie sloshing in her stomach more than an hour after eating it.  The patient had some other signs of digestive weaknesses, so I suggested steering away from cold liquid meals.  In subsequent visit, I listened and heard no splash sound in her stomach – turns out she’d heeded my warning and started making her shake with warm-hot water.  Just that change allowed her body to assimilate it better.

Send me an email and I’ll send you a handout about making congee at home.