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My Take on World News

Birthing Black in the US – Shining a Light on Inequity in Maternal Care

Improving Birth Outcomes for Women of Color in Chicagoland


Because my passion is supporting teens and women throughout their life cycles, including through pregnancy, I want to bring attention to the startling facts that African American and Indigenous women face when they become  pregnant:  

They are 2-3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women, and that  goes up to 4-5 times for women over 30, according to the CDC in a press release last September.  

And guess where the US ranked in 2015 for maternal mortality in the world?  Not in the top 20 or even the top 30 of  best outcomes.  We ranked 45th meaning 44 countries have better birth outcomes per 100,000 births than the USA.  

It is a risk for a black woman to be pregnant and give birth in the US, just as it’s a risk for a black man to be out after dark in the south, or out in public anywhere for that matter.   Recent events are rightly bringing back our national attention to the racial disparities that persist into 2020.  But we can affect change! 

There are local grassroots organizations dedicated to supporting black women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but it’s a big undertaking. They need our support. 


Chicago Birth Workers of Color

Chicago Birthworkers Collective

Black Mamas Matter.  

Click on the links for info on donating if you feel compelled.   

The more we focus on this issue, the more light will shine on it, and the faster we can change maternal outcomes for the better! 




Response to the Pandemic – Now Offering Telemedicine

My Dear Community, these times are trying, and I want you to know I’m here to support you!


Remaining Open for In-Person Visits

After much study, meditation, and thinking, I have decided to remain open to serve the community’s ongoing health needs, both mental and physical – as I consider myself first and foremost a Mind-Body Healthcare Provider.  I have the tools needed to reduce the effects of this respiratory illness and for the stress that it is heightened.


Repeating CDC Guidelines for your safety and community safety

Anyone with a fever above 99.0, a cough, shortness of breath, and/or intense body pains, please STAY HOME IN BED or ON THE COUCH and call or text me 630-335-1069.  I am trained in herbal medicine to treat these symptoms, and I can do so via video conferencing.

I also am NOT open for those who may have been exposed to the virus, and please follow CDC guidelines if you are immune compromised or over age 65.



I am following all CDC recommendations for making my clinic safe – sanitizing all touch surfaces including my phone and laptop before and after each patient visit, and changing all bedding each patient visit and copious hand washing.  I am also limiting all contact outside of clinic, staying home and limiting visits to stores.  *Taking Social Distancing Seriously*


The Future is Here – Now Offering Telemedicine

I am offering consultations via a secure video conferencing platform that is easy to use and will allow us to talk to each other without meeting in person! This is available to anyone and I especially encourage you to schedule an online consultation with me to address high anxiety, panic, respiratory issues, or to address immunity boosting.  Herbal prescriptions and supplements can be mailed to you or arranged for pickup from Estuary Center.

Here is a link to schedule a virtual consultation at the introductory fee of $75 for 30 minutes for existing patients, and here’s the link for a new patient consultation for 60 minutes.


630-335-1069 Directions Contact/Schedule