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Phototherapy Patches

Phototherapy Patches – a No-Needle DIY Acupuncture Tool

What I do has always been a very hands-on, personal one-on-one interaction.   In my search for tools to use remotely, I found, and am still using now that the clinic is reopened, phototherapy patches.  I also love them for supporting my in-person treatments between sessions.


What are Phototherapy Patches?

Phototherapy patches are stickers that use your own body heat and light to activate acupuncture points.  The patches are so easy to use, they literally just are applied to a point on the body and worn for 12-24 hours at a time.


How Do Phototherapy Patches work?

Lifewave patches are wearable technology devices that captures the infrared light and heat emitted from the body and uses it as a power source to send special signals to the body to induce biochemical and bioenergetic changes- such as increase the formation of certain youth and antioxidant peptides and stem cell activity.
All you need to do is stick a patch on every day!  They’re 100% safe. Nothing enters the bloodstream except the body’s own light.



What are Phototherapy Patches Used for?

I have used them for all kinds of pain, low energy, sleep problems, and anxiety with good results. They’re great for use between acupuncture visits to extend the treatment.


Who can benefit from Phototherapy Patches?

For patients who are very depleted, I can have them wear patches every day for a month to gently build up qi and allowing their treatments to have greater effect by giving them more energy for healing.  For patients in a lot of pain, there are patches that reduce inflammation and swelling, and thus speed the healing and augment acupuncture.  For those who can’t get in for treatments in person, I find they are a great alternative that I can send in the mail and explain easily how and where to apply.


Lastly, these patches are excellent for kids!  Let’s face it, not all kids are open to acupuncture, and this is one non-needle technique I can show the parents how to use at home for things like sleeping trouble, anxiety, bedwetting, and digestive complaints.  They can even be worn on clothing so they don’t have to touch the skin directly to work!


If you are curious if “acupatches” can help you, let’s talk! Just call or text 630-335-1069 for a free consultation.  Then if we think it’s a good fit, we can set up an online or in-person session.


In Good Health,