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Case Studies

Case Study #1:  Seasonal Allergies

A 34 year old male came to me on the 1st day of spring.  He’d been suffering from environmental allergies over the past several years, and was hoping to head off the spring season.  He had received acupuncture in Colorado a few years ago and it worked great, but since moving back to the midwest he’d hesitated in choosing a new acupuncturist, not knowing where to go.

I recommended weekly treatments for 8 weeks in addition to cutting out dairy and taking an herbal supplement to accelerate and enhance the acupuncture treatments.

By the 4th treatment he had been able to mow the lawn without an attack, and he was able to keep the house windows open.  We continued the course of treatment, and discontinued over the summer during which he reported being able to enjoy the outdoors with his family, something he was not able to do the previous two years.



Case Study #2:  Insomnia

D.M. was a 54 year old female complaining of severe insomnia.  She had not slept through the night for over 6 months.  After trying to fix it on her own, she decided to try acupuncture as she had thought her insurance would cover it.  She had felt desparate and exasperated, so despite having no insurance coverage, and hating needles, she decided to pay out of pocket.

After just 3 sessions, the heat that had been waking her at night subsided, and after the 4th treatment she was sleeping more than she had all year.  By the 6th treatment, her anxiety had disappeared and she was only waking a few minutes once a night instead of being up all night, and the heat had not returned.

D.M. was able to handle a major life event more calm and collected than she’d thought possible, and she was pleasantly surprised that not only were the sessions not painful, she found her treatments to be relaxing and enjoyable.  Several weeks after her 6th and last treatment, she reported she was still sleeping on her own.

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