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Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting with Amy



Is Amy a nutritionist?

Amy received a Bachelors in Nutrition in 2004, and has used foods and nutritional supports as part of healing a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease received in her teen years. Since going into remission in 1998, she has been a student of nutrition, various diets, and functional medicine in addition to learning the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Now she loves to coach her patients on making healthier lifestyle and dietary choices. It’s been proven that diet and lifestyle are keystones of health, so Amy feels that this is a critical component to her patients’ success in improving their wellbeing.


What is Nutrition Consulting at Energy Flow?

When you know you want to or need to make changes to your daily habits but don’t know how or where to begin – this is where nutrition consulting can be a game changer.  Here are the steps we take at Energy Flow:

  1. Make an appointment here for your first nutrition consult:
  2. Keep a food diary showing everything you eat, how it is prepared, how you felt when you were eating or preparing it, and how you felt afterwards.  Do this for at least 3 days, and no more than 5 days. Don’t alter any of your regular habits for this record. Be honest, no judgement.
  3. Bring this diary record with you to your nutrition consultation appointment.  We will establish what changes are actually feasible and reasonable for you to make, without any overwhelm, and for greatest success. This sometimes means incremental, step-by-step changes. Nothing wrong with that!! It depends on how motivated you are to change, and how severe your health concerns are. Amy will be straight with you, but also meet you where you’re at.
  4. You will leave the first appointment with action steps to take, and an appointment for a follow up scheduled for a time that makes sense, whether in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.
  5. At the follow up consultation we will examine what is working, what isn’t working, and make any changes to further your progress and make you feeling optimistic and more energized about developing your new lifestyle habits!
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