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Pregnancy Loss and Mind-Body Healing

I remember going through a miscarriage with my first pregnancy.  The pain, the grief, the embarrassment, for lack of a better word, for having told everyone so early about the baby.  Working with women in my clinic, and learning about their losses and how sometimes it leaves such a place of grief in them, I want to bring healing to this often neglected and dismissed yet common occurence.


So many women I have worked with never knew how common miscarriage was, especially for a first pregnancy, and they all expressed how they wish they’d known, and wished they’d known more about their options for going through it and also for self-care and the grief process after.


At Energy Flow Acupuncture & Wellness Center, I hold space for women to be with the feelings that remain after a pregnancy loss, and to be able to process it, all without judgement or expectation.  For some it is a traumatic experience.  Using Neuro Emotional Technique and Holistic Pelvic Care ™, together we can create acceptance and resolution.  This not only impacts the mother’s wellbeing, but also positively influences any future pregnancies by clearing stuck energy from the pelvic bowl.


If you or someone you know needs support after a loss, no matter how many weeks or years have passed, please reach out to discuss this option for a more complete mind-body healing.


dealing with pregnancy loss

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