Veggies – getting past the ick and on to the yum

Part of getting healthy is feeding your body with healthy foods.  Digestion is central to health. In Chinese Medicine it really is the center, and is associated with the earth element and color yellow.   We call it the Spleen and Stomach system.

In my practice it is very common to see adult diets resembling that of many kids I know – lacking in fresh vegetables, heavy on processed and refined carbohydrates.  Yet we all know the research has concluded what we’ve known all along – that vegetables should be a major part of the diet, not just a token to please our parents!

So I want to help you by blogging about some of the vegetables that I like to show that they’re easier to incorporate into a meal than you may think.  And of course I will share some of their health benefits.

Here are some of the veggies I will write about:

Daikon radishbaby-bok-choy




Bok choy


…So stay tuned!

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