Promises to Myself

I want to let you all in on a little secret.  I am not the perfect picture of health.  I’m just like you.  But I am proud of my progress on the journey.

I want to get personal with you. My health has been a major challenge over the past 23 or so years of my life. I have known pain, discomfort, fatigue, discouragement. I’ve tried many things, I’ve stopped trying things, I have retried things. The common thread that’s pulled me through is gratitude. I’ve learned hope, I’ve learned perseverance. Just like we all do in the game of life, right?!

Listen to that inner voice – it’s not loud, and yet when you hear it it should feel right.  Wondering if a certain therapy, acupuncture or otherwise, will help you feel better? Thinking about making more time for yourself whether it’s a daily walk or a slowly savored meal sitting down? It’s better to try than to just spin your wheels.  Then notice what gives you value, and continue.

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