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4 tips for choosing the acupuncturist that’s right for you

(Naperville Acupuncture)


Whether you are looking for help with IBS, Neck Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Diabetes or many other health problems, acupuncture can be a smart choice for efficacy and economics.  Maybe you are like me, and when presented with too many choices, tend to lock up and make no choice at all.  Stuck in indecision but desperately in need of help or resolution.  Maybe you have a strong feeling that acupuncture can really set you right, but when you start looking for who to book an appointment with, you feel unsure?

I totally get that.  It has happened to me.  Let me give you some tips that will hopefully give you the reassurance that you won’t end up with a bad experience

Credentials Count!

  • Make sure that whoever you choose is licensed by your state to practice acupuncture.  Several types of practitioners can legally practice, but each will have different training.  Here’s a run down of the most common:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist: training is a minimum of a 2-year program.  Some acupuncturists undergo additional training for herbs.  You can verify licensure by visiting your state’s professional regulation department website.  For Illinois, it’s
  • Chiropractor: no training required
  • Medical Doctors, Osteopaths (DO), and Dentists: no training required.

Specialties or Focus narrow the field

  • By looking into the practitioner’s website or calling their office, you can ascertain if they may have more experience related to your main complaint.
  • Like in conventional medicine where you go the the GI doctor, the gynecologist, etc.,  acupuncturists may have more knowledge, experience, or expertise in a certain range of conditions but will be able to successfully treat a much wider range in practice.  For example, my specialties are digestion and menstruation/female health but I treat pain, mental health issues, and other conditions just as well.

Location and Hours

  • Convenience should not be underestimated. You need to be able to keep with your treatment plan.


  • When you call to inquire, ask if they offer a complimentary phone or in person consultation to get a feel for the practitioner’s personality and mannerisms.
  • By finding the practitioner that you feel comfortable opening up to, and who you feel has your best interests at heart, you will be best positioned to get the most out of the relationship.  Healing is more than showing up for your treatments.  It’s a partnership in your journey to health!

Listen to your heart

Obviously other factors can influence your choice, but giving these good consideration should help you feel more confident in choosing the right acupuncturist! Don’t hesitate to ask a few questions such as how long they’ve been practicing, what style they practice, or why they do this line of work!  Bottom line is with all the choices we are faced with every day, let this one especially be guided by your heart.

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