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An Open Letter – Harness the Times

Dear Friends,


Now is the time.  It’s always now, but now is a time of power and movement more than ever. 

In mind-body medicine, particularly the East Asian traditional variety, we are often very concerned with detecting stagnation and blockage.  Like a dam in a river – it will create build up on one side, and lack on the other.

This is what our society reflects, and no wonder we see it in our health.

The body keeps the score.

All the pain and trauma of the past, it can be released, but we have to identify the dams, and we have to find another way to allow flow and therefore healing after we move and remove the dams that are obstructing our health, our society.

That is a broad metaphor that does not show the absolute atrocities that continually repeat,  but what we’re seeing now with national dialogues is that the silenced voices are finally being listened to.  Solutions and ideas for healing the wrongs that have been said for so long are finally being allowed to broadcast.  I can see the old “Berlin walls” being hacked away. 

This is what our country needs.  Breaking down of old ways, hurtful and wrong ways.

The stress of all these wrongs explain so much of the dis-ease we experience. Much being subconscious, even the imprints of these past centuries and past decades of brutality and pain are carried by many of us through our connection to the collective unconscious.  And now the pain felt daily by black, indigenous, and brown people is being acknowledged globally.  

Just think of all the healing that can come from this moment we’re in – if we can all keep moving with it, and arrange our inner selves, our minds and hearts, to open to change and embrace it.  To see the beautiful possibilities of what a healed world, and what we ourselves as healed bodies, will be like.  What would it feel like to not be controlled by the stress, anger, worry, fear, that these dams inside us create?

If you are in a place of wanting to heal, wanting to move forward, wanting to be of service to this movement of change, I say thank you.  Thank you for choosing love and vulnerability. 

You don’t have to know all the hows right now.  Just be open, be open.

Know that I am here to facilitate your growth and healing.  I’m there with you.  I am learning, listening, changing, desiring good for our community. 

The important thing is to not give up, not get exhausted and burned out, but to balance the pushing forward with the breaks to rest, heal, and replenish.  If you need help with working on your inner health so that you can bring yourself out there to help others, I get it and that’s what I do.   

What a time to be alive.  It’s not easy what’s been set before us, but it’s absolutely what we’re here for, and what we’re here to learn.  It’s taken so many lifetimes of suffering, but let’s turn up the light brighter than ever to amplify and speed the healing. 

With so much love and gratitude,



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