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12 of My Favorite Products

I enjoy sharing my experience of how to make healthy food doable.  I’ve compiled a short list of the top things I think add value, flavor, and nutrition to my diet so that you can try something new that just might make changing your diet easier and more pleasant.

  • 1. Sea Salt: I have 3-4 different types of salt in my cabinet.  The 2 main brands I use are Realsalt, Celtic Sea Salt.  We have a find grind of one and course of the other.  I am generous in my use of salt from the earth not just for flavor but for the balanced array of additional minerals that are essential to obtain from the diet for all our biologic processes.
  • 2. Vitamineral Greens – I hear all the time from my patients that they don’t like veggies or don’t know how to get them into their diet.  Here is your answer! This product is not cheap but it is concentrated and includes herbs, sea vegetables, and healthy greens in an easy to use powder.  I really like the flavor but I love vegetables.  You can just add it to a smoothie or mix with juice, a nondairy milk, or water and voila – several servings of veggies down the hatch!
  • 3.Gelatin and collagen hydrolysate – Great Lakes and Vital Protein are the 2 brands I use interchangeably.  This is a very easy to digest protein powder containing all of the essential amino acids.  It’s a great way to add protein to soups, smoothies, or anything.  Both companies use grass-fed cows raised in South America, which is a concern for me regarding deforestation, but for those with weak or sensitive digestion it can be worth the compromise.  Note that the collagen hydrolysate is the type that easily dissolves in hot or cold whereas  some care to dissolve the gelatin is recommended.  
  • 4. Coconut butter – my favorite treat for satisfying the need for something sweet. So many ways to use – as a spread, as a smoothie add-in, as a coconut milk sub when stirred into water, etc.
  • 5. Holy Mate Tea from EcoTeas – this is a mild earthy tea with tulsi, peppermint, and yerba mate.  I am sensitive to caffeine and I have no reaction with this tea at all.  
  • 6. Kelp noodles – adds crunch and texture with no calories.  Easy to use, just rinse in water cut and add to anything. 
  • 7. Red Boat fish sauce – no unwanted additives and no sugar – just fish and salt! Sure beats all the cheaper brands at the store.  My Vietnamese friend recommends it too!
  • 8. Vegan yogurt starter from Cultures for Health – I have been dairy free for eons, and didn’t know how to make yogurt until I found this. Super easy with just coconut milk and some gelatin to thicken. Creamy and tangy like regular yogurt.  Fantastic for breakfast w/your favorite add-ons like blueberries, chia, and pumpkin seeds. 
  • 9. Veggie culture starter – I like the flavor this culture gives to my cultured veggies instead of just using sea salt. 
  • 10. Justnaturalskincare – Totally clean labels – nothing weird – truly natural – made by hand in FLorida, great skin care and hair care. We love the shampoo, conditioner, shea body butter, and several creams and lotions. 
  • 11. American Health Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus – I literally feel my food digesting when I take these. Kids love them – call them minties. I keep on hand especially for eating out or if I eat a bit beyond full. 
  • 12. Wild Planet canned fish – sardines, salmon, tuna that I don’t have to worry about (compared to other brands). I keep on hand at all times for quick-to-add protein. 
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