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An Obsession or a Preoccupation?

You may have noticed from my posts that I love to cook.  I love to eat.  I love to share my passion for healthy eating!  I know how daunting it can be to change the way you eat.  Trust me, I’ve been through it all.  Over the years of changing my habits and striving for better health, I’ve learned a few things.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that food is not the only thing we consume.  We eat attitudes, words, thoughts, emotions, and the ambience surrounding our food.   It may seem abstract but it’s fundamental biology that if we are tense or in fight or flight, then the digestive system shuts down to shunt its energy to our muscles, etc.  So that’s one thing you can do right now today.  I recommend getting a book about mindful eating at the library.  Thich Nat Hanh has one, and there is Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein.

Another thing I’ve learned is that big changes like what and how we eat is not an overnight thing.  That change is most likely to be successful if we have support – whether it’s a professional, friend, or family member to hold you accountable and be a cheerleader for you.  We sometimes want reassurance that the sacrifice is worth it, that we’re making a choice that will have a positive impact.  If you know someone else struggling with their health you can see if they’ll partner with you so you are not doing it alone. Ideally the people you live with support this, but we can’t control anyone but ourselves so you cannot count on that.  I am always glad to provide that support as your coach, as well.

So be patient with yourself, try new foods, relax, and have fun! I never knew 20 years ago the foods I’d be loving now!

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