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Neuro Emotional Technique – finding hidden causes that interfere with healing

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a way to uncover underlying stressors that are linked with and contributing to your sense of dis-ease or pain.  Some of our pain is emotional, some is physical, and some is intertwined.  NET compliments acupuncture therapy and helps to speed healing especially for very chronic problems. 

In NET, we have two ways to gain access to the subconscious blocks that are holding you back from complete healing. 


1. Mind Entry

we start with an I’m OK statement, which is typically something that you want to be true.  Muscle Response Testing (MRT) bypasses the thinking brain to access the subconscious emotional, or Limbic system, of the brain. 
Next, we find which meridian access point – one of your wrist pulse positions – gives us a change in the MRT.  


2.  Body Entry

Here, we contact  a painful or troublesome spot on the body – then we look to see if there’s a change in muscle strength with MRT when we connect it to another test point that indicates what the body wants to correct the pain.  


The Four Bases of Healing in NET

NET helps us find what the mind-body wants in order to assist deeper healing of the issue we’re exploring.

First Base finds and corrects a stressor, called a Neuro Emotional Complex,  

Second Base indicates a homeopathic remedy to assist in healing,

Third Base implicates nutritonal support

Fourth Base indicates a needed structural fix.  

NET is complimentary to acupuncture, and is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine in addition to incorporating chiropractic theory, nutrition, and homeopathy.  Acupuncture treatment assists in deepening the corrections done via NET, and can be used to correct a 4th base issue and sometimes is used in lieu of or in addition to the 2nd base finding. 

My patients love how they feel stronger and lighter after a session.  Pain improves, and overall wellbeing moves forward.  If you are curious if NET is right for you, call 630-335-1069 to schedule a complimentary consultation.  


Happy and Free

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