A few Testimonials

I’ve had great results treating hormonal imbalances and anxiety with Amy. She really listens to what is going on and targets her treatments to address the root cause. I’ve seen significant improvement and look forward to my acupuncture appointments because of how great I feel afterwards. Amy is professional, friendly and knows her stuff. Highly recommend.

Rebecca S., Woodridge, IL


I first started seeing Amy two years ago for low back pain that had bothered me for 10 years and really interfering with my very active lifestyle.   I had heard acupuncture could help and had exhausted all other options medically.  in just a few sessions the back pain felt better than it had in years.  At the same time, my digestion problems mostly resolved (I like foods that do not in any way support my digestive issues and that gets in the way of a complete resolution) and the frequent headaches stopped after about a month.  I now continue to go for maintenance/stress management treatments about once a month, the digestive problems are easily managed, and my back pain is 1/10th what it used to be. I have a very demanding job, and Amy’s treatments never fail to bring my stress level all the way down.  I encourage anyone who’s tired of being at the mercy of their symptoms to go see Amy….

Amber W., Woodridge, IL


Being new to acupuncture, I was unsure where to go.  After suffering with terrible acid reflux, I really wanted to give acupuncture a try.  When I saw such positive feedback many people that had visited Northstar and saw that Amy not only has a background in acupuncture but in nutrition and Chinese medicine, I decided to give Northstar a try.

I am very glad that I did.  First of all, the receptionists are very nice and friendly.  When you are dealing with a health concern and have a friendly face greeting you when you enter the room, it is always helpful.  I noticed improvement in my symptoms after the first visit.  Pain levels reduced so dramatically that I rarely have to take over the counter acid reflux medicine.  I am now able to eat most of the foods that I once enjoyed.  I appreciate the fact that Amy provides very targeted acupuncture but also gives recommendations about what to eat or take to minimize and many cases eliminate symptoms.  My gastroenterologist was very pleased with my progress when I went to my follow up visit just a few weeks after starting treatment with Amy.  I highly recommend Northstar Integrative Health.

Dawn Robinson
Naperville, Illinois


I had been suffering with severe, constant pain and extremely heavy periods for 10 years, mostly just pushing past the pain, taking a lot of over the counter painkillers to get through each day. When I heard about Amy’s office from a friend, I was eager to give acupuncture a try and so desperate for solutions that my other doctors couldn’t provide.

I felt relief right away. My pain significantly reduced with each treatment to the point that after just a few months of treatment, the pain I’ve had for years is mostly gone. In addition, my digestion improved, and my difficult periods are becoming more regulated every month. Amy is not only good at getting results, some beyond my expectations, but she is so warm and caring. If you are suffering with painful or heavy periods I highly recommend you go see Amy!

Mary M., Chicago, IL