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Energy Flow Health Suite of Services

Welcome to your health journey.

New Patient Exam with Acupuncture or Cupping:  During this initial visit, we’ll go over your health history, main concerns, and goals.  Then you will experience an acupuncture treatment, or NET, or cupping. 75 minutes.  $140

Acupuncture Follow Up: (established patients) – short summary of changes, pulse analysis, and acupuncture treatment. Cost of herbs is additional if prescribed.  45minutes.  $75

Herbal Consultation: (established patient, no acupuncture) We will discuss main concerns and symptoms, and after a pulse analysis we’ll customize an herbal formula. Cost of herbs is additional.  20 minutes $35

Cupping: (established patient) 25 minutes of whole back and/or other areas of concern. $50

Nutrition Consultation: (established patient) Starting with your three-day food diary, we will discuss what’s working, where we can make achievable changes to create a more harmonius diet for your individual constitution and needs. 45 minutes $75.  Follow up 20 minutes $35

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET):  (established patient) This technique helps to bring deep beliefs and memory patterns from the subconsious brain that are holding you back or creating physical blockages to the conscious brain so that the body can process it and release the old pattern, thus creating more congruency throughout the system.  30 minutes $75

Online Wellness Consultation:  Via video conference we’ll discuss your main concerns along with tools and strategies to address and help you achieve your health goals.  1 hour $110.  30 minutes $75.  15 minutes $40

Total Body Modification Technique (TBM):  This involved muscle response testing using body access points to check and correct internal and structural systems. 30 minutes $75

Add-on Services

Cupping and/or Gua-sha 10 minutes:  $15

NET and/or TBM 15 minutes:  $20

Nutritional Supplement Evaluation 10 minutes: $15


All fees listed are subject to change.

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